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शास्त्री की जगह द्रविड़ बन सकते हैं टीम इंडिया के प्रमुख कोच | Cricket



ईएसपीएनक्रिकइंफ़ो स्टाफ़

नवंबर के अंत से न्यूज़ीलैंड के भारत दौरे से राहुल द्रविड़ संभाल सकते हैं पदभार Aijaz Rahi / © Associated Press

राहुल द्रविड़ भारतीय पुरुष क्रिकेट टीम के प्रमुख कोच बनने की दौड़ में सबसे आगे चल रहे हैं और इसकी पूरी संभावना है कि रवि शास्त्री का टी20 विश्वकप के बाद जैसे ही कार्यभार ख़त्म होगा द्रविड़ उनकी जगह ले लेंगे। ईएसपीएनक्रिकइंफ़ो को जानकारी मिली है कि नवंबर में न्यूज़ीलैंड के भारत दौरे के साथ ही पूर्व भारतीय कप्तान के कंधों पर ये बड़ी ज़िम्मेदारी आ जाएगी।

शुरू से ही भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड (बीसीसीआई) की पहली पसंद द्रविड़ ही थे और हमेशा से इसका फ़ैसला द्रविड़ के ऊपर ही था कि वह कोच बनना चाहते हैं या नहीं। बीसीसीआई के सूत्रों से इस बात की जानकारी मिली है कि द्रविड़ को इस बात के लिए मना लिया गया है और जैसे ही वह कोच पद के लिए आवेदन करते हैं तो बीसीसीआई फिर किसी और के बारे में नहीं सोचेगा।

बीसीसीआई के कई आलाधिकारी पिछले कुछ महीनों से द्रविड़ के साथ बातचीत कर रहे थे और इस बात को तब और भी बल मिला था जब श्रीलंका दौरे पर वह अंतरिम कोच बने थे। जुलाई में भारत की दूसरे दर्जे की टीम श्रीलंका में सीमित ओवर क्रिकेट खेलने गई थी, जब मुख्य खिलाड़ी और प्रमुख कोच रवि शास्त्री इंग्लैंड दौरे पर टेस्ट सीरीज़ का हिस्सा थे।

द्रविड़ अपने घर, बेंगलुरु में स्थित बीसीसीआई की राष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट अकादमी (एनसीए) के 2019 से ही निदेशक हैं, और उससे पहले से भी वह भारत की अंडर-19 और ए टीम के भी कोच हैं।

प्रमुख कोच के साथ-साथ बीसीसीआई ने बल्लेबाज़ी, गेंदबाज़ी और फ़ील्डिंग कोच के लिए भी वैकेंसी निकाली है, क्योंकि शास्त्री के अलावा विक्रम राठौड़, भरत अरुण और आर श्रीधर का कार्यकाल भी टी20 विश्वकप के बाद ख़त्म हो रहा है। ईएसपीएनक्रिकइंफ़ों को ये भी जानकारी मिली है कि एनसीए और इंडिया-ए, अंडर-19 में द्रविड़ के डिप्टी पारस महाम्ब्रे भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम के गेंदबाज़ी कोच बन सकते हैं।

अगस्त 2019 में क्रिकेट सलाहकार समिति जिसकी अध्यक्षता कपिल देव कर रहे थे, उन्होंने रवि शास्त्री को दो सालों के लिए प्रमुख कोच नियुक्त किया था। इस समिति में अंशुमन गायकवाड़ और पूर्व भारतीय महिला कप्तान शांता रंगास्वामी भी शामिल थीं।

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Pat Cummins eager for clarity over Justin Langer’s contract




The coach is not certain to get a new deal despite T20 World Cup and Ashes success

Pat Cummins is keen to have clarity on Justin Langer‘s contract status beyond this summer’s Ashes, insisting Australia’s Test side “absolutely love” their coach.

The future of Langer, who comes off contract in mid-2022 and has made it clear he is keen to continue, remains an unresolved talking point.

Langer came under intense pressure to keep his job last year, when Cummins and other on-field leaders delivered forthright feedback about dressing-room disgruntlement.

The former Test opener changed his ways, adopting more of a low-key role as Australia went on to win the Twenty20 World Cup and retain the urn. But there remains speculation Cricket Australia will opt to move Langer on.

Cummins, asked about Langer after Australia claimed an unassailable 3-0 lead in their five-Test series against England, bluntly replied that “his contract is up for renewal in a few months and we’ll deal with that then”.

He struck a more diplomatic note in Hobart, speaking after his four-wicket haul helped Australia claim a first-innings lead of 115 runs in the fifth and final Ashes Test.

“That’s above my pay grade. We’ll wait and see, it’d be nice to have clarity for everyone,” Cummins said. “But he’s been doing a fantastic job, we absolutely love JL.

“He’s been really great through the World Cup and the Ashes. Honestly, it’s not been a talking point at all within the camp.

“The plan has always been to chat about it after the Ashes, so the powers that be, I’m sure, will chat at some stage. But he’s been fantastic for us and the boys love having him around.”

CA chief executive Nick Hockley and high-performance boss Ben Oliver are yet to set a definitive timeline around the call on Langer, likewise a final decision on potentially splitting the role by installing separate white-ball and red-ball mentors.

But the growing expectation is the elephant in the room will be addressed soon after the Ashes series finale. Oliver noted last month that CA will take player feedback on board before resolving Langer’s future.

Former captain Steve Waugh, who worked under Langer as a consultant during the 2019 Ashes, offered strong support for his former team-mate on social media.

“Position in doubt? Influenced the culture and character of the team after the Cape Town debacle,” Waugh posted on Instagram. “Coached the team to a winning World Cup 20/20 and now to a commanding Ashes victory. Time to put the rumours and innuendo to rest. #respect #culture #character.”

Other former team-mates of Langer have also offered their support in recent days with Shane Warne questioning why he had not already had his deal renewed.

“I don’t know what everyone’s waiting for,” Warne told Fox Cricket. “He should be signed up in my opinion because he’s done such a good job.

“We’re not inside the dressing room, so we don’t know all the inside-outs, but I think the only way we can judge a coach is from the performances and has Australian cricket got better? Is the better of cricket better domestically? Is there a group of players? There’s probably three or four players outside this squad now that could all play and that wasn’t there a couple of years ago.”

Australia do not have much of a break in their schedule after the Ashes with limited-overs matches against New Zealand and Sri Lanka from late January to mid-February.

That is then followed by the tour of Pakistan, Australia’s first to the country since 1998, which also falls within Langer’s current contract. There will be the need to split coaches during that period with a brief T20I series in New Zealand during March, the same situation that was set to occur last season before the South Africa tour was postponed.

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Recent Match Report – South Z (BD) vs Cent Z (BD) Final 2021/22




Bowlers, Al-Amin shine as Central beat South by six wickets after bowling them out for 163

Central Zone 164 for four (Al-Amin 53 not out, Mizanur 39, Ahmed 3 for 32) beat South Zone 163 all out (Pinak 35) by six wickets

Central Zone completed a domestic double after they beat South Zone by six wickets in the BCL One-Day final held at the Sylhet International Stadium on Saturday. Central Zone took 42.3 overs to chase down 164 in the low-scoring tournament.

Asked to bat first, South Zone were bowled out for 163 runs in 48.5 overs. They gave away a good start as they slipped to 99 for four after Anamul Haque and Pinak Ghosh added 51 for the opening stand. Nahidul Islam’s 31 took them past the 150-mark.

In reply, Soumya and Mizanur Rahman helped Central Zone get off to a brisk start. The duo added 65 for the opening stand in 12.1 overs. Al-Amin Hossain followed it up with an unbeaten 53, adding 88 runs for the unbroken fifth-wicket stand with Mosaddek, who remained unbeaten on 33.

Captain Mosaddek was later adjudged the Player-of-the-Match and the Player-of-the-Series for scoring 148 runs and taking six wickets in the tournament. Imrul Kayes was the only batter to score more than 150 runs in the competition while Soumya was one of the four bowlers to take seven wickets.

Earlier this month, Central Zone had won the BCL first-class competition after they beat South Zone by four wickets in a tense final day.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo’s Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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Sans big names, Sri Lanka eye crucial Super League points against Zimbabwe



Sri Lanka could be pushed out of the top eight in the table to qualify directly for the next World Cup, while Zimbabwe are dead last

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